First Baptist Church of Shinnston

"Engaging in Ministry Together"

Church Leaders

Church Treasurer: Kris Grooms

Sunday School Superintendent: Vickie Grooms – Substitute: Marsha Riley

Church Moderator: Phyllis Gore

Church Clerk: Donna Post

Deacons: Phyllis Gore, Marsha Riley, Willard Baker, Nancy Cool, Jacinda Moore, and Don Miles

Trustees: Ryan Noon, Jay Riley, Gloria Sampson, John Cool, Juanita Pumphrey, Bob Horner, Patty Harrison, and Gary Hall.

Board of Christian Education: Amber Salerno, Bethany Nuzum, Vickie Grooms, Natasha Grooms, Mary Lou Lantz, and Jeremy Cochran

Nominating Committee: Marsha Riley, Patty Harrison, Kim McMillen, Ron Noon, and Bob Horner

Personnel Committee: Pam Pumphrey, Nancy Cool, Mary Lou Lantz, and Bob Horner

Finance Committee: Kris Grooms, Tammie Preston, Stacy Cochran, Jacinda Moore, Amber Salerno, John Cool